CYM Volleyball of Southeastern Wisconsin

Entering a Team
CYM Volleyball will again be online using Sports Pilot. Each file is in PDF format and require Acrobat Reader to open. You can download Acrobat Reader for FREE from Adobe's Web site.

Team Entrance Form due online by 10/14/2018

Player Registration Forms for each player -- You keep for your documentation

Enter Team on Sports Pilot All players must be entered by 10/28/2018 - additional players need to be approved after 11/15/2018

Coaches Registration Forms must be entered online by 10/28/2018)

Player Eligibilty: Players must be in High School - Grades 9-12

Registration Requirements: $300 per team
Please make check payable to: CYM Volleyball.
Fees must be received by October 14th, 2018. Each team must be entered online

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Entering a Team
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